Who Makes Medical Decisions For Your Children?

Informed consent without coercion is a human right.



Medicine should always be a free choice, and parents are the only ones who should decide what medicine or medical procedure their child receives under the guidance of their trusted health care professional. There is currently a concerted effort in the legislative, medical, and pharmaceutical arenas to take this right away from parents nationwide.

Concerned citizens do not want any medical intervention to become mandatory, whether it be psychiatric medications, antibiotics, immunizations, or other invasive medical procedures. The reason for this is simple: every human body is unique and responds differently to medical treatment, and therefore health care can never be a one-size-fits-all approach. Medicine should be a free choice, and informed consent without coercion is a human right guaranteed by every international medical organization.

The first step in the efforts to remove informed consent and limit medical rights is to make all vaccinations mandatory for all Americans. While vaccines can be important, they are also a complex medical intervention which requires informed consent and a full discussion of risks and benefits between a patient and his or her doctor. Today’s vaccine schedule is more than just a few shots: it calls for 70 doses throughout childhood. The number of recommended vaccinations has tripled since the 1980s. Babies today are given as many as 9 vaccines at one time, with 24 doses completed in just the first 6 months of life.

While vaccinations can provide important immune protection from disease, they also carry an inherent risk of side effects. 30,000 adverse vaccine reactions are reported to the government every year; 2000 of these reactions cause a prolonged hospitalization, a permanent disability, and even death. Like any medical intervention, procedure, or medication which carries risk, all patients have the right to informed consent and the right to choose. It is medically unethical to mandate ANYTHING that has the risk of side effects.

But what about our nation’s herd immunity? Don’t we all just have to accept vaccines no matter what the risk? The truth is most vaccines don’t contribute to herd immunity. They may give individuals protection against feeling sick from an infection, but most don’t actually reduce disease transmission. Mandatory vaccination is therefore both ineffective and unnecessary in our country today.


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