“All vaccines are the same and all people are different.” – Bob Wright, former CEO of NBC

Former President and CEO of NBC, Bob Wright, spoke with Matt Lauer in a March 29 interview and called for an increase in vaccine safety to an audience of millions. Even Wright, the man who headed one of the top television networks in the world for 22 years, has questions about vaccines and our current system; and that desire to find out more information does not make him or anyone else “anti-vaccine.”

Wright, who went on to found Autism Speaks after retiring from NBC, said “There are lots of issues having to do with the vaccine safety program that I got into very deeply with no agenda.” He further explained problems with the current passive safety program versus a more desirable active program. And he concluded that the issues with vaccine safety will continue because “all vaccines are the same and all people receiving them are different.”

Our vaccine system is being marketed and sold as safe for everyone – without exception. And for those who favor mandatory vaccine legislation, this is the end of the conversation. Unfortunately, if you have a question about this protocol, you are instantly labeled “anti-vaccine”. Well, vaccines are complicated: 70 doses are recommended for all children today. Knowing that fact, shouldn’t every parent have at least one question?

During the Today Show interview, Wright also disclosed how he has been working specifically with a team of doctors to propose a more active vaccine safety research program and he expressed concern that our federal vaccine court is paying over a 100 million dollars each year to people injured by vaccines (over 3 billion dollars to date). How can vaccines be so completely safe for every person if we give the same 70 doses to everyone but each of the children and adults receiving them is different?  Perhaps more importantly, why aren’t we talking about it?

Those who manufacture vaccines and those proposing mandatory vaccine legislation simply close the door to the question of vaccine safety. They shut down movies, articles, and even research papers that ask questions. They’ve asked the media to stop giving air time to people who want more information. But why is there such a push to end the conversation? One thing we know for sure is scientific study and discovery never ends; there is no such thing as research being “final.” No one should ever close the door to further safety testing, especially for something that is recommended for every single person and that focuses primarily on infants and children.

Bob Wright is willing to have an open discussion about vaccine safety, and this is a conversation that needs to be entirely more public. There are questions, and we need to address them. Wright isn’t “anti-vaccine” – he simply wants more information gathered and wants the system to improve. The fact that some children are being injured by vaccines should not be dismissed, and everything should be done to fix the problem, not ignore it.  And, those who make vaccines, and those who are responsible for making sure everyone gets them, are the last people who have the right to silence anyone on this very important topic.

Watch the Matt Lauer and Bob Wright conversation on the Today Show here