(The follow is taken from a personal blog for Melissa Floyd — #truthpart2)

The Vaccine Debate is an ETHICAL one…only not in the way you’ve been told. You’ve been told it’s about community responsibility, and the desire to keep your neighbors protected. Right?

But let’s be real. You don’t vaccinate yourself OR your children because strangers in your community may be immunocompromised. No, you vaccinate because you are fearful of the infections and think you are guaranteeing protection for yourself and your children, without any potential risk. You are scared the diseases we vaccinate for are death sentences if contracted, and you believe vaccines have made you healthier and probably saved your life. You also think anyone who wouldn’t co-sign on this same (and oh so simple) philosophy is unintelligent and clearly selfish.

But what if you found out vaccines don’t guarantee you or your children protection the way you were taught to believe? What if you found out there was a vaccine failure rate that varied from 15-70%? What if you discovered the diseases you were most scared of, like whooping cough and influenza, can actually be spread by vaccinated individuals because the vaccine only prevents your symptoms, not you from passing it? What if you understood ALL vaccines wane over time, and the immunity you thought you had doesn’t exist? What if you knew YOU could be the reason an immunocompromised child catches, and gets complications from, an infectious disease?

Would you still blame the vaccine-injured children and their families?

You see this debate IS an ethical one. And to understand the ethics, you first have to understand the facts. The fact is every pharmaceutical product has side effects. That, my friends, is undebatable. What does this mean considering vaccines are a pharmaceutical product? It means a certain portion of the population WILL BE HARMED from vaccines. That is guaranteed. What we don’t know is how many children are at risk and whether that “collateral damage” will include you or your children. I do know it included mine.

We know that the number being adversely affected by the 69-dose-CDC-schedule is rising, and that “one in a million” statistic you keep hearing is more like damage control. We also know that many children have genetic susceptibilities that are triggered by environmental toxins, including vaccines, and are unable to detoxify quickly enough to prevent injury. We know as a society that one-size-fits-all has never worked in medicine or for medical treatments, since each body is unique and responds uniquely to foreign components. And we know there have been hundreds of thousands of injury reports, including death, from adults and children after receiving vaccinations.

Do you still want to continue ignoring vaccine-injured children and their families?

So yes, this is absolutely an ethical debate. Because it is UNETHICAL to mandate a product that has known side effects. It is UNETHICAL to create laws to discriminate against those who do not vaccinate or who were harmed by vaccines. It is UNETHICAL to prevent vaccine-injured children from attending schools. It is UNETHICAL to expect me to sacrifice my child for yours—especially when I know that sacrifice won’t even stop the disease from spreading.

It’s time for people to stop touting their “moral superiority and selflessness” when it comes to this topic; because if you really understood how this all works, there would be nothing for you to be proud of.

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