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There are many ways you can help – see below to find out how you can affect change.

Media Requests

We look forward to providing fair and honest information on vaccinations and infectious diseases to any members of the media. What makes Immunity Education Group unique is that we provide accurate, science-based information that includes the other side of the standardized, one-sided talking points provided by most medical organizations. We are committed to giving you the entire picture. Please email us at .

What You Can Do Right Now

Want to get involved right away? Want to immediately start making a difference in your neighborhood, your school, your church, your community, or your social media network? Here’s how:

  • Check out our One-Pagers: Read through our informative and concise messaging points so you can confidently and effectively open productive conversations with those around you.
  • Watch and distribute our Video PSAs and One-Pagers to friends, family, and co-workers.
  • Contact us to set up a speaking engagement in your community or at your school.
  • Donate online to our efforts.  Help us continue educating thousands of parents and citizens about the importance of informed consent, the realities of infectious disease in our country, and the necessity of individual and parental liberties.
  • Set up a fundraising event in partnership with our organization
  • Connect us with other like-minded individuals and organizations who are working hard on immunity education, parental rights, and medical choice.  Know any medical professionals, health care advocates, media personnel, athletes, or other businesspeople who share our passion and could help make a difference? We would love to hear about it!
  • Join us on social media: Like and follow us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube. Join our online conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites and share our messages your friends.  It is essential that we open the dialogue about this important issue, and that starts one conversation at a time.

Request a Speaking Engagement

Immunity Education Group provides free educational programs on the risks and benefits of vaccination, the impact this decision has on our public health, and information on how the vaccine debate has entered state and federal politics. Presented by Dr. Bob Sears, a full-time practicing pediatrician in Orange County, Melissa Floyd, an educator and data analyst, and/or our growing membership of other professionals, our educational program provides an opportunity for parents and professionals to discuss the impact mandatory vaccination laws have on our public health, our medical rights and freedom as citizens, and why questioning vaccines is considered so off-limits. Highlights of our presentation include:

  • Details of recent infectious disease trends in California which prompted the new mandatory law, including actual numbers and likelihood of risk to California schoolchildren
  • Specifics about which vaccinations are part of the new mandate, and which are not Information on which students are not subject to the new law, such as those with special needs and those currently in school covered by a “grandfather” clause
  • Insights into why some families have medical, philosophical, or religious concerns about vaccination
  • Information on the likelihood of vaccine reactions, how to identify them and what you should do if you witness a reaction in your child
  • Discussion on helping families with different opinions and beliefs regarding vaccination understand one another and accept each other’s differences so that families and students can be more unified
  • Conversation about different medical opinions on vaccinations and the politics of mandatory vaccination laws
  • Updates on what parents can do moving forward to help protect their rights to make informed medical decisions for their children.

*Our program is available to public or private groups, school teachers and administrators, and businesses. Email us at to set up an event in your area. 

Register Your Medical Practice

Are you an Immunity Friendly Medical Professional (IFMP)? Immunity Education Group embraces all aspects of medical care in North America as well as medical practices in numerous other parts of our world. We welcome all medical professionals to register for free on our site as a show of support for our mission and to make yourselves available to health care consumers in your area. Our growing list will encompass (but is not limited to) medical doctors (MD), doctors of osteopathy (DO), naturopathic doctors (ND), homeopathic doctors, chiropractors, practitioners of acupuncture/acupressure/Chinese medicine, nutritionists, lactation consultants, midwives, nurse practitioners, physician assistants,  and other integrative and traditional medical practitioners. 

Email us at with the contact information and website for your medical practice. We will call your practice to confirm your registration.

Medical practices will be listed on our IFMP list which will be posted as a link from our home page coming soon.

Join Our Team

Immunity Education Group is happy to add to our professional, dedicated team of immunity educators, advocates, and volunteers. Whether you specialize in medicine, law, social media, mainstream news media, public speaking, organizing events, fundraising, writing, researching, or any other aspect of serving our community through education, we are grateful for your willingness to give of your time and energy for this important cause.

Please email us at and let us know how you’d like to participate.

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