#truthpart10 ⚠️ Collateral damage means the deaths, injuries, or other damage inflicted on an unintended target. From a moral standpoint, what is the acceptable amount? 10 people? 1,000 people? 10,000 people?

What does it mean for there to be collateral damage from vaccination? These are the individuals (and their families) whose lives are forever altered—physically, mentally, and emotionally—by an adverse reaction to vaccines. ALL vaccine manufacturers state in the package insert for their particular product that death is a possibility. Every single one. That means at least one person’s child has died after receiving that vaccine. But unfortunately, it’s not just one child…and there isn’t only one vaccine.

If we know a certain percentage of the population WILL be harmed, and there is harm for every single dose given, when do we decide it’s “okay”? You often hear concern for society is greater than the individual, or it’s for the “greater good.” But are we forgetting that the individual is still somebody’s child? Would it change the conversation if the collateral damage included your child?

You also hear that reactions to vaccines are only “one in a million”. That doesn’t sound THAT bad, right? Especially when they say the risks of these diseases are so much higher. But they are referring to only one kind of a reaction: anaphylactic shock. What about the dozens of other types of reactions—like encephalopathy (brain swelling), paralysis, brain damage, arthritis, long-term seizures, or coma. These are also happening to somebody’s kid. For example, if seizures after MMR/varicella vaccine are reported to be 1 in 1250, then there are at least 3,200 kids every year that get seizures after their shot—and that’s just ONE side effect, to that ONE vaccine. Every vaccine has its own list of risks; and there are multiple doses of 16 different vaccines on the childhood schedule. See how the potential for risk adds up?

This is not to scare you, but instead to put this in perspective. Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of lives affected by the word “rare”? Like just based on numbers, do you realize how many children and adults we are talking about? There are 30,000 reports of adverse events in the U.S. EVERY YEAR. And so many more unreported, undiagnosed, and unacknowledged. Should we be allowing a vaccine program to continue “as is” when many of these diseases aren’t even around anymore—and yet, more and more people are being harmed by universally vaccinating for them anyway? Who are we helping by turning a blind eye, pretending it’s only a few kids. It’s NOT a few kids: there are thousands of American children each year who are collateral damage from vaccines. Why are we giving so many shots, when there haven’t been epidemics in decades?

Here’s the thing…it doesn’t matter if vaccines played a role in reducing the incidence of certain diseases in industrialized nations 60 years ago. Yep, I said it. ***Decades have passed and we’re STILL vaccinating like we are in a developing country and it’s the year 1900.*** The collateral damage won’t stop until something changes: reduce the 69 doses, replace aluminum adjuvants, bring back monovalent (single) vaccines, allow vaccination to be individualized for each family, in each region. Go back in time a little bit, where less was more, and there still weren’t any epidemics.

Because you can’t only fight to save the hypothetical kids who may be injured from the disease. There are REAL children injured every day to save HYPOTHETICAL children. Think about that. Maybe it’s time to reassess, is it possible that we can do better?