All Medical Decisions Should Be Made Between You and Your Doctor


Vaccination has always been a medical decision made by each individual under the guidance of their personal physician, as have all aspects of health care in America. Until now, only two states – Mississippi and West Virginia – had mandatory vaccine laws where medical choice was removed from parents (they also rank among the least healthy states in the nation – West Virginia is 44th, and Mississippi is LAST).

Pharmaceutical Companies Have a Legislative Agenda

Pharmaceutical companies are pushing legislation in every state that will make all doses of vaccines mandatory nationwide. Such a law just passed by a narrow margin for all schoolchildren in California, and the authors of that law are working with doctors, lobbyists, and pharmaceutical representatives to help them pass this same law in other states.

Ask yourself: should ANY complex and invasive medical procedure be mandatory? Ever? Or, should medical care always be a free choice between a doctor and patient?

Vaccination is Complicated

Vaccination is a complex medical intervention and therefore requires informed consent. This consent can only be given after a thorough discussion about both the benefits AND risks of the 70 doses of vaccination recommended for a child and as well as the alternative choices which are available to you, the patient.

Vaccination Can Have Side Effects

It is unethical to force any medical treatment or procedure on any individual if that treatment has side effects. About 30,000 vaccine reactions are reported to the CDC every year. Patients must be able to give consent.

Medical Decisions Should Be Made by Doctors and Patients, Not Paid Politicians

Our elected officials receive donations from pharmaceutical companies, and then pass laws which promote or mandate medical treatments. You have the right to support legislators who do not pass laws which support their financial sponsors and instead leave medical care decisions to you and your family.

Widespread Government-Mandated Medical Treatments Are an Over-Reach of Police Power

For a government to step in and mandate a treatment in the interest of public health and safety without violating the Constitution, it must show a compelling state interest, and it must be narrowly tailored to follow the least restrictive path possible. In other words, there must be a significant danger, and the solution must be directly targeted at that danger. Mandating vaccination against 10 diseases (8 of which do not circulate in schools) in response to a short-lived California measles outbreak, is an abusive overreach of power and is unconstitutional. 

Only you and your doctor should decide you and your family’s medical care.

Asking questions does not make you anti-vaccination…it makes you pro-immunity education.